adventures at dawn in mismatched shoes

i open the panera bread bakery cafe on sunday mornings and have to arrive at work at roughly 6:00 a.m.   in the summer, weather permitting, i prefer to bike to work and on sunday mornings it’s particularly enjoyable as there is no traffic and it’s a quiet and peaceful ride. on the way to work i pass the de wint house, a beautiful historical site in our town, famous for housing george washington himself during the trial of major john andre the spy. the de wint house is a small and very charming stone house seated on an expansive, beautifully kept lawn peppered with well groomed trees and a creek in the back. it’s all very lovely. on the last two sundays biking to work at dawn, i’ve noticed deer on the lawn of the de wint house- the first time quietly grazing, and the second time all the deer were lying down beneath the trees. both times the scene was breathtaking and i couldn’t help but stop my bike for a few moments and take it in, wishing i had my camera in tow. then i got to wondering if perhaps the deer were there every morning and decided at some point, should i happen to wake up early enough, i would try to find out.

so yesterday, for no reason i can logically explain, i found myself awake at 5:30 a.m. so i got dressed quietly in the dark (so as not to awaken handsome hubby), threw my camera in my bike basket and set out in search of deer at the de wint house. 

and lo and behold – there they were. the scene was even more beautiful than i imagined as it was not quite dawn and the moon was still on the rise, there was a light mist rising from the grass and the view took on a magical, fairyland quality. 

unfortunately my photographs don’t fully capture the enchantment of the scene (i think largely because it was still nearly dark so the shutter stays open longer and without a tripod many came out blurry. at some point maybe i will actually study photography and figure these things out. or maybe not. i’m just having fun). but here are a few of them anyway : )

when i first arrived all the deer were lying down. eventually they all stood up, one by one. i don’t know if i bothered them, or if they just get up at dawn anyway!

(click to enlarge).

043 058052

(the last deer to get up had to poop)


by the time i retrieved my bike (and took some picture of mushrooms and things) the deer had wandered around to the other side of the building. as i left, one of them kept staring at me and i thought perhaps it didn’t trust me and i worried it a bit, but when i got home i realized maybe it was staring at me because of my shoes. while dressing in the dark it seems i put on shoes that didn’t exactly match. and it’s not like they even kind of matched, like one brown shoe and one black shoe or something. no, while they were both birkenstock clogs one of them was tan suede and the other was black with little pink and green flowers on it. the fact that i did not notice this until i got home concerns me somewhat. so make of that what you will. ( my eldest daughter: “mom, everyone probably thinks you’re the town wackjob – biking around at 5 in the morning, taking pictures of deer in shoes that don’t match!”) great. in my defense, this entire adventure took place before i’d had my morning coffee, so i think i deserve at least some credit for even being able to focus my camera at all ; )

108 111

for more info on the de wint house visit their website!

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