dancers i have fallen in love with via youtube but never seen live. (volume one)

~iana salenko~

(staatsballet, berlin)

i watch a lot of ballet videos on youtube. an abnormal amount, i suppose, but i guess it’s just what i do instead of watching television. since i’m not one of those people who can fly all over the world just to go to the ballet, (there are these people by the way, and i wish i was one of them) i am happy to learn about dancers outside of new york via youtube. occasionally i will come across a dancer, fall madly in love with them and go on a crazy youtube binge, watching every single video i can find of this person! enter iana salenko. i remember watching videos from the 2012 dance open festival and (after watching all the herman cornejo videos a few million times) seeing the prompt for a le corsaire video and thinking “oh, ivan vasiliev, he’s fun – let’s watch that!” but a few moments into the video i’m saying “ivan, schmivan – who is this gorgeous ballerina?!” while i’d heard of iana, i wasn’t familiar with her dancing and was immediately enchanted with her grace and elegance. i find her stunning. she has a beautiful and expressive face, soft, clean, easy port de bras, lovely legs and feet and wonderful musical timing. she’s immediately engaging and lovable. and while iana can turn and pull off the virtuoso steps with the best of them, you never get the feeling she’s showing off. she’s got class. everything she does looks effortless and watching her dance is pure delight.

so, without further ado – here’s the above mentioned le corsaire


with her adorable husband, marian walter


so far the only ballerina to make me not dislike the “diana” variation. she’s gorgeous. (here with my favorite guy, herman cornejo)


and just this short bit from donQ with dinu tamazlakaru because it’s shot close up and you can see how lovely her face is : )

for more on iana visit

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