sometimes there is “real life” and you just have to miss herman cornejo’s tchaikovsky pas de deux

when i first heard about the roberto bolle and friends gala at city center i kind of put it on the back burner as something that might be fun to see but not a super, major priority. i mean, i like roberto and he’s very extremely gorgeous and a beautiful dancer and he seems really sweet but for some reason i’m not desperately drawn to him. maybe he’s just too naked for me. really! he’s always naked and sometimes i wonder if roberto even owns a shirt. on the other hand, if i had a body like that i’d probably go naked all the time too but….nah, there’s a little something to be said for mystery and modesty. so anyway, i put that gala on hold for a while. however, i did check back at some point and holy smokes- suddenly the program included balanchine’s tchaikovsky pas de deux (i love tchai pas!) danced by none other than maria kochetkova and ….drumroll… herman cornejo! pretty much my favorite ballet dancer guy ever! okay, there was absolutely no way i was missing this.


photo by kent decker

reality check: i’m kinda broke. and september is not a great month anyway because i don’t teach much over the summer so there’s less money coming in already plus school starts and you have to spends a billion dollars on school supplies and my youngest is at that age where she is outgrowing everything in 2 seconds and needs clothes for school plus it’s her birthday and birthdays are expensive etc etc etc. so i figure i’ll wait and see if there’s a sale because sometimes city center has great sales (both times i saw  corella/barcelona ballet there i got awesome seats for half price) so i check and check and there are no sales. eventually there’s a code for 10% off so i think maybe i’ll just sit in the cheap seats but alas i’d still have to pay a small fortune just to drive in the city and park (unless i luck out and find street parking but honestly trying to parallel park my van in NYC gives me a little bit of a nervous breakdown). plus tuesday is the only night of the week i’m home and not driving back and forth to the studio and as much as handsome hubby is a super good sport about my balletomania i would feel guilty running off to the city spending money we don’t have and leaving him home to deal with dinner and homework and all that. aaaaand my daughter had a doctors appointment that afternoon and things were so hectic i probably wouldn’t have been able to get in the city by 7:00 anyway.

so as deperate as i was to see masha and herman dance tchai pas i decided it would be really selfish of me to go and as much as i love herman, i love my family the most : ) so i stayed home.

BUT THEN….no good deed goes unpunished i suppose because someone posted a photo of the program on twitter and there were some changes – they added herman and luciana paris dancing sinatra suite! another one i’d kill to see and keep missing for a variety of reasons. argh!! i think the gods of the ballet world are torturing me for some unknown reason but…. whatcha gonna do? sometimes that’s just life.

Luciana Paris & Herman Cornejo

pgoto by lucas chilczuk

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