dancers i have fallen in love with via youtube but never seen live. (volume two)

~ marianela nunez ~

(the royal ballet, london)

What can i say about marianela nunez? where to even begin? surely she is one of the most incredible ballerinas presently dancing and i am completely smitten with her. not only am i delighted with her pristine classical technique and beautiful port de bras, but i am truly amazed at her versatility. she seems to step easily into any role- from a sweet yet mischievous lise in la fille mal gardee to a steely, unforgiving myrtha in giselle. from a pure and gentle aurora in sleeping beauty to an imperious, vindictive gamzatti in la bayadere. from a wary, yet sensual,  odette to a delightfully wicked odile in swan lake- she nails them all. and all without going overboard dramatically or sacrificing the cleanliness of her technique. so… yeah, she’s all that and then some.

choosing a handful of video clips to post is turning out to be a bit if a challenge as the are about a hundred thousand billion of them and they are all fabulous, but we’ll start with this cute one about mime in ballet because she’s so sweet and lovely, you can’t help but adore her.

swan lake mime with david pickering and marianela’s fabulous husband, thiago soares 

 lilac fairy from sleeping beauty – i have watched this video about 80 billion times because she is so beautiful and perfect : )

marianela as gamzatti with the equally brilliant tamara rojo as nikiya 

being adorable as lise in la fille mal gardee

and as myrtha in giselle (if you are a man may i suggest you stay out of the forest at night)

and if that’s not enough, there is presently a  documentary in the works about the love and careers of marianela and thiago! ♥ it looks to be quite romantic : )

AAAAAND…… finally- there is to be a live cinema broadcast on october 16th of carlos acosta’s new don quixote for the royal ballet starring carlos and marianela! and hooray! it’s actually showing in paramus, which means i can go see it without having to drive into NYC! yay!!  (never mind this still involves driving on the dreaded N.J. route 17 which i despise, but it’s worth it for marianela.) chances are it is playing somewhere near you as well so check it out : )!don-quixote

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3 Responses to dancers i have fallen in love with via youtube but never seen live. (volume two)

  1. RO says:

    Wow she is superb indeed! Gorgeous feet too… Never heard of her before this entry so I am very curious to see more clips of her dancing!

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