why i have a tiny little crush on ABTs julio bragado-young

okay, to be honest, i haven’t a clue. i mean, consider some of the roles i associate him with: bottom in the dream,


the pasha in la bayadere, the dascha dweller in the bright stream, tbscurrybragado2gs 

sancho panza in don quixote, the count in lady of the camellias.  you don’t exactly look at these characters and go “oh, what a hottie!” you really don’t. and yet i adore julio so much that i swear the first thing i do after being seated at the Met (well, after checking for the dreaded white slip announcing casting changes) is check to see if julio is dancing any of the character roles. if he is i give a little mental fist pump (yesss!) and then check the rest of the casting.

see, the thing about julio (besides the fact that he’s funny as hell) is that he can make any role interesting. his characters peak my curiosity. watching him i somehow find myself wanting to know the story of albrecht’s squire in giselle or even catalabutte, the king’s minister in sleeping beauty. i’m particularly intrigued by his bartender role in fancy free…. what does he do after the bar closes? hang out with friends? go home to a family? or does he live alone? 

i even love watching julio on the sidelines just being a towns-person or peasant or whatever because he’s always so involved in the story. i’ve been especially entertained by him in ratmansky’s nutcracker- after seeing him finish a thoroughly enjoyable russian dance i was so amused by his silly, peripheral  shenanigans (such as slightly uncouth gestures towards mother ginger)  that i missed the polichinelles dance altogether!

at any rate, julio is a truly wonderful actor, i enjoy him any time he is on stage and hope at some point to see him dance something of a more romantic role. there is a feeling of soulfulness about him and one can’t help but sense that he has a big heart. 

on the other hand, what do i know? i could be totally wrong and maybe he’s he’s just an ass ; )

(julio enters approx 3:45)

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1 Response to why i have a tiny little crush on ABTs julio bragado-young

  1. You hit the nail on the head, Robin! JBY is a class act.

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