dancers i have fallen in love with via youtube but never seen live (volume three)

~ sergei polunin ~

(stanislavsky music theatre and novosibirsk state academic opera and ballet, russia)

I love sergei against my will. mostly i want to shake my fist at him and yell “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN THIS AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL GIFT AND YOU DON’T EVEN APPRECIATE IT! HOW DARE YOU SAY BALLET ISN’T COOL? NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM! AND DON’T DO DRUGS!” (sergei is roughly the same age as my eldest son so i figure i can mentally send him to his room). 

mostly i want sergei to stop being avaricious and selfish and to willingly share his gift with the audience that loves him and not to say stupid things like he’s only going to dance for a few more years until he finds something that pays better. c’mon sergei, don’t be like that. it makes me so angry because there are dancers that would give anything to have what he has, and he’s willing to just casually throw it away. and i would like for him not to disrespect his ballerinas.

But then…… i just stupidly forgive him everything with one beautiful, perfectly executed assemble’. not even with beats or anything, mind you, just a simple, soaring jump landing in the the softest plie you’ve ever seen and i can’t help but love him. he may be a bad-ass but he is so damn beautiful. 

assemble’s from heaven


misbehaving in mayerling (at about 0:30)


with his favorite partner, tamara rojo in maguerite and armand


so, here’s hoping that someday sergei will grow up and appreciate the fact that he is incredibly blessed and realize that ballet is actually totally freaking cool. until then i’ll just hate myself for loving him.  

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5 Responses to dancers i have fallen in love with via youtube but never seen live (volume three)

  1. mumsamia says:

    Oh my gosh. Those assembles are just heavenly.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. robin says:

    Sooo true, but hard for kids to understand sometimes, i think. They often seem to think more is better :/

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