wilis vs. zombies

i admit i get unnecessarily giddy when someone i know who is a non-ballet-goer actually goes to the ballet, so when my brother decided to take my sister in law to see colorado ballet’s “giselle” for her birthday i could hardly contain my excitement! naturally, afterwards i was all like “well, did you enjoy it?!?” and his response was “we did enjoy it! especially the zombie dancing in the second act.”


there are no zombies in “giselle”. of course i knew he was just messin’ with me, and that he meant the wilis, and while i get the whole undead reference, they are hardly the same thing! 

first of all, there is the most obvious difference- wilis are graceful, alluring and gorgeous where as quite frankly, zombies are awkward, clumsy and repugnant.

wilis, maidens who have died before their wedding day, will lure you in to their realm with their haunting beauty. zombies aren’t going to lure you anywhere. i mean, you see a zombie and you pretty much freak out and run.

wilis are all female and prey only on males, where zombies could be either sex and prey on anybody or anything. i’m not quite sure what that means, if anything, but if you are a woman it gives you better odds. (that scenario could potentially change, however, should matthew bourne ever decide to choreograph “giselle”).

wilis only come out at night! they must disappear at dawn, once again increasing your chances of survival. zombies lumber around hungrily 24/7. not good.

Zombies eat your flesh. or your brains. or both. that is so repulsive. i don’t know what, if anything, wilis eat- they merely dance you to death. that may seem unkind but seriously, if you absolutely must succumb to an untimely demise i think wilis would be the way to go here. at least dancing is fun and you can show off some brilliant jetes and cabriolles before phoning it in. if you’re eaten by zombies you know you’re just going to scream and cry like a sissy and bleed all over the place. it’s a  rather undignified way to go.

death by wilis


impending death by zombies

but the real question, obviously, is …..who would win in a fight? i posed this question to my eldest daughter suggesting that zombies could not eat wilis because wilis are spirits, so these beautiful creatures could dance the zombies to death. but she claims zombies can’t be controlled so… now what? perhaps they will join forces and the rest of us are doomed. 

in any case, besides being undead and having homicidal tendencies, zombies and wilis don’t actually have that much in common. but perhaps all you non-ballet-going fans of “the walking dead” and the like should go see “giselle” and decide for yourself! i’ll be ever so happy if you do : )

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4 Responses to wilis vs. zombies

  1. Dancescribe says:

    Absolutely love this. Huge fan of The Walking Dead, but a bigger fan of Giselle, which I hope to see live some day. Really appreciate the humor.

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