ABT’s 2014 spring season ~ what i am super most excited to see

as you may or may not know, american ballet theatre has recently released the schedule for their 2014 season at the metropolitan opera house and so i have been studying it a bit, trying to figure out my priorities.  with any dumb luck i’ll be able to see most of the ballets at least once, and hopefully i will be able to splurge on prime seating for a couple of them.

there is a tie for absolute first priority between alina cojocaru & herman cornejo in giselle ~ and vishneva, gomes, copeland, & cornejo in manon. i have somehow never actually seen manon live, only on DVD, and i am ever so eager to see this macmillan masterpiece in the theater. the above mentioned line-up is pretty much my dream cast so i’m definitely going to have to indulge for this one. giselle, on the other hand, i have seen numerous times and will be delighted to see it many more times as i adore this ballet. i adore alina cojocaru as well and i extra-adore herman cornejo. albrecht might just be my favorite role for herman (well, besides romeo & siegfried. and mercutio. and puck. ok never mind, i can’t exactly pick a favorite) and while i have seen him dance it in the past there’s no such thing as too much of a fabulously glorious thing so…… there ya go. splurge. if funds and time allow i’d love to do a giselle double header and watch hee seo and alexandre hammoudi in the afternoon and alina and herman in the evening but i suppose we can figure out the full giselle-o-rama come springtime.

herman as albrecht : )


alina/herman swan lake is close in the running as is ashton’s cinderella with hee seo and cory stearns being my cast of choice. Hee will surely be endearing and beautiful as cinderella and cory a dashing, elegant prince. 

alina as cinderella


of course i’ll have to see the shakespeare and balanchine’s theme and variations (lane/cornejo- hoorayyy!)

and la bayadere! and donQ! (my ballerina daughter wants to see maria kochetkova and since she’s dancing donQ with herman that works for me!) 

coppelia, while not my favorite ballet, is still loads of fun- but the casting very frustrating because i want to see every cast!! knowing me i’ll end up seeing misty copeland and herman, which will no doubt be fantastic, but i’m also dying to see the wonderfully musical yuriko kajiya with the all around gorgeous joey gorak. aaand lovely, sparkling sarah lane alongside fun and fabulous daniil simkin. and everybody. sheesh.

so, what it comes down to is i need to inherit a bazillion dollars so i can just move to the city for 8 weeks and go to the ballet every night : )

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