dancers i have fallen in love with via youtube but never seen live (volume 4)

~ lauren cuthbertson ~

(royal ballet, london)

my first memory of seeing lauren on youtube is this:

at 1:35


how can you not adore a girl who gives you the finger and drops the f-bomb first thing? i loved her immediately! happily, lauren’s dancing is not as foul as her language. in fact, she is a treasure. there is freshness to lauren’s dancing, an honesty, a purity. she remains unaffected, there is no unnecessary decoration. you feel what she feels, be it joy or pain you can’t help but go along for the ride. 

unfortunately some of my favorite videos of lauren have been deleted recently- most of the alice in wonderland clips and the tomb scene from romeo and juliet (nooooo)! i challenge you to watch her juliet discover romeo has died and not cry your eyes out. it’s impossible. she’s brilliant. (i think the royal opera house has just done a bit of a youtube cleaning out – understandable but unfortunate for the fans. i can’t really complain tho as the royal ballet does a brilliant job promoting their company via social media. unlike some american companies, *cough* ABT *cough*)

all that aside, thankfully there are still some wonderful clips of lauren floating about so here we go : ) enjoy.

as princess aurora in sleeping beauty


the balcony pas de deux from romeo and juliet with the equally lovable federico bonelli. sigh.


there are some cute bits in this alice in wonderland promo, tho again, the best alice clips have been deleted : (


but the good news is you can order both alice and R & J on dvd and have a mini lauren cuthbertson marathon! why not?

p.s. if you are on twitter follow lauren @LondonBallerina she’s super funny and sweet : )

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