when i first heard about martha clarke’s new theater work “cheri”, starring alessandra ferri and herman cornejo, needless to say i could hardly contain my excitement! i mean, alessandra and herman are both extremely high on my list of all time favorite ballet dancers ever on the face of planet earth. and who thought we’d get to see alessandra performing again?! and with herman! it’s like a dream come true : )  

in addition to alessandra and herman, “cheri” (a story of the love between a young man and a much older woman, based on the novel by colette) also features actress amy irving and i am admittedly curious about the dance/theater fusion concept. with the whole thing being conceived and choreographed by martha clarke it will no doubt be fascinating and i am very much intrigued.

after keeping an eye on this one for months, i am happy to say that tickets are finally on sale to the general public and all seats are only $25! cheri opens at the signature theatre in nyc on november 19th and runs thru december 22nd.

for more info and to purchase tickets click here.

also, there is a Q&A session after several of the performances, mostly on tuesdays, (which unfortunately don’t quite work with my schedule) but here is the info on the “talkback series”. 

tickets seem to be selling very quickly soooo…. check it out asap!

oh- and here’s a little interview with martha (pages 8-9) 

*update* ~ i saw cheri on november 20th ~here is a link to my post after seeing that brilliant performance.

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