some things in dance i kind of hate

i love going to dance performances and even if it ends up being a work i don’t care for, i still usually have fun. but there are a few things i can’t quite take….

~ intentionally unmusical choreography. i remember once seeing a modern piece where a bunch of big crazy jumps were set to a slow adagio and it drove me crazy. unmusical choreography bugs me anyway, but if it’s obviously done on purpose that’s even worse : /

~ choreography that pretends to be really deep or cutting edge or controversial and people are like “ohhh, that must symbolize blahblahblah” but really it’s just super weird and doesn’t make any sense. (or maybe i’m just shallow).

~ hyper flexibility ballets with over-splits and unattractive crotch shots and ballets that are just shy of sex in a unitard. also those isolation ballets where dancers just roll around isolating hands or hips or feet or whatever and occasionally go into convulsions.

~ extreme over the top over-drama.

but, to each his own : ) 

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13 Responses to some things in dance i kind of hate

  1. RO says:

    Haha this is indeed something to think about! It seems like you just don’t like the ‘over-experimental’ types of things. They bug me as well. I once saw a dance performance in which a woman was covered in some sort of powder and she just kept tapping herself making the powder go ‘poof’. I wasn’t really amazed or whatever, to me it was just plain weird. But I guess there are some people who seem to like these things because there were two older ladies who commented that they fount it: Innovating and unique. Well…………

  2. robin says:

    Ha! Sounds awful. Once i saw i performace where a guy wearing just briefs stood around with lights in his hands shining them on different parts of his body. I mean, really??!

  3. I often feel like some people don’t really understand what they want to achieve from choreography, so they are trying to look like the dance has heaps of meaning, but because they had no idea of their goals, it just comes off as distant, shallow, odd.

    I like to think that these dances make us appreciate amazing choreography all the more.


  4. I really liked your post. I often have the same frustrations. People are all trying to be different and create these off the wall pieces that really are no different than all the other off the wall pieces. Most of the time they are not even dance even though people may call it that. There is nothing wrong with classicism.

  5. Dancescribe says:

    One reason I’m not a huge fan of modern is that I’m really not into weird. That said, I’ve taken modern before and had fun. But then those have been classes under teachers who actually choreograph pieces to music that fit quite well.

    My idea of cutting edge isn’t the for shock value. It’s more of taking ballet and putting it in a more contemporary setting. But then again, maybe I don’t think too much outside the box when it comes to dance.

    • robin says:

      I have also studied modern, have really enjoyed it and think it’s important for dancers to learn many different styles. And there are many brilliant modern choreographers ( taylor, graham, morris, tharp to name a few) but also some i just cant get into (jorma elo, wayne mcgregor etc) no matter how hard i try. and then there are those who are just off the charts weird!
      but mostly im i sucker for the classic story ballets & classic ballet in general : )

      • Dancescribe says:

        That I can understand. I’ve done hip-hop, jazz and a little ballroom in addition to ballet and modern. But ballet will always be my first love when it comes to dance.

  6. Jenn says:

    With you there! As a young choreographer you want to be new and “edgy.” Twila Tharp once said something along the lines of there wasn’t a real point in going too modern if no one was going to watch it and I had to come to that conclusion myself. Now, I don’t need avant-garde and, really, I’m just at the point where I prefer a really beautiful classical ballet with dancers who know how to “float and emote.”

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