a little spazzing out and two third’s of SFB’s cinderella

sunday afternoon and of course it’s chaotic – hubs saying “bye!” (he’s off to teach jeet kun do), eldest daughter saying “bye” and something else about ….i have no clue, youngest daughter questioning me about halloween costumes and can she go to her friend’s house at 4:00 and the phone rings.

it’s my friend, holly, “hi robin, i know this last minute but do you want to go see san francisco ballet’s cinderella and can you be ready if i pick you up in twenty minutes?” (do i ever not want to go to the ballet?) so i frantically think for a second, ask eldest son if he can take his sister to her friend’s house at 4:00 and figure okay, why not? but wait—

me: “the ballet starts at 2:00?!?” (it’s 1:37, she’s picking me up in 20 minutes and it takes 40 minutes to get from my house to lincoln center. you do the math).

holly: “yes, we’ll be late but we can just watch on the monitors until intermission!”

okay, i’m in. so i find something tolerable to wear, slather some garnier miracle skin perfecting BB cream on my face (really, this stuff is the bomb), search up directions so my son can find his sister’s friend’s house, and it’s off to NYC. being sunday there was very little traffic and somehow we made it to the theater right at the start of the first intermission.

we ran into a few friends who all informed us that so far cinderella was wonderful and what a shame we missed the carriage scene. well, whatcha gonna do? so we went up to our (really great, especially since they were freebies) seats to enjoy acts two and three.

seriously, christopher wheeldon’s cinderella was worth the drive for the sets and costumes alone- it’s an absolute visual feast. the chandeliers and ball gowns in act 2 were breathtaking and the choreography for the corps in the ballroom scene was equally wonderful! and the tree in the 3rd act! gorgeous!


(photo by erik tomasson)

maria kochetkova and joan boada were delightful as cinderella and the prince, and sarah van patten was notably hilarious as one of the stepsisters. holly and i both really enjoyed the two thirds of the ballet we saw, and while there were a few oddball bits and sometimes wheeldon’s pas de deux choreography seems a bit repetitive, the good by far outweighed the bad. we had a great time : )  (i hear this cinderella will be released on dvd at some point so at least we will eventually be able to catch the mysterious carriage scene).

the minute we left the theater, holly’s daughter called her trying to figure out how she was supposed to get to rehearsal and it was back to reality! driving home we chatted about the ballet a bit and what a bummer it was we missed act 1, but mostly we talked about how pleasant it was to escape real life for a few hours and get lost in a world of beauty and magic.

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2 Responses to a little spazzing out and two third’s of SFB’s cinderella

  1. RO says:

    I’ve seen Christopher Wheeldon’s version of Cinderella from The Dutch National Ballet. It was superb! It had comedy, gorgeous costumes and wonderful choreography. And what a shame you missed the carriage scene, it was indeed very beautiful! Awesome that you had this opportunity, I would have done the exact same!

  2. robin says:

    Oh, right! Lucky you too! I think wheeldon has a cute sense of humor : )
    Did you get to see matthew golding? Love him.

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