some words i can’t spell correctly to save my life

license – for some reason i think there should be more than one c in it and i always think the s should come before the c.

exercise – this should have the word “size” in it. and no c.

chauffeur – i spend half my life doing this, you would think i could spell it.

nuisance – really, i don’t even get close enough for spellcheck to know what i’m talking about.

i used to be a good speller in school, i don’t know what happened. 

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8 Responses to some words i can’t spell correctly to save my life

  1. RO says:

    Since English is not my native language, I have words like these..
    My difficult one is: Definitely. HATE that one.
    Ohhhh and what to think about: Necessary. Spent ages learning that one!

  2. Hahaha, I thought I was the only one who had a problem with the word exercise…it’s not us, if you ask me, the spelling is just wrong! 🙂

  3. robin says:

    well at least you have an excuse since its not your first language! and yes, i sometimes want to put an A in definitely somewhere ; )

  4. Kathy Wood says:

    Rob, my excuse is that most geniuses can’t spell. Our brains are taken up with more important stuff. 😄

  5. robin says:

    Oh, that must be it then! ; )

  6. kitteacat says:

    Hilarious! (Meaning the post is hilarious, not I can’t spell hilarious) 😉

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