the big five-oh

i had no problem with turning thirty or forty but i have to admit fifty sounds kind of… old. tomorrow’s my birthday but i must say i’ve been a little less than excited about this one. but then i look at all the beautiful, inspiring, active, youthful women i know in their fifties and beyond and i have to realize, oh! fifty is not so old after all : )  so, bring it on.


michelle pfeiffer on turning 50

“The good part about turning 50—is that it’s really not such a big deal. You spend so much time dreading it and there’s so much talk about it and then it comes and goes and it’s over and for me it’s been incredibly liberating.”

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10 Responses to the big five-oh

  1. I have to agree with you, there are so many amazing, inspiring 50-something women nowadays. Sounds strange but I feel 50 is the age when women become their most inspirational – they are comfortable in their skin and are most willing to inspire younger women…at least that’s what I’ve found

  2. RO says:

    No worries!! I feel like you are younger than your years and they say you are as old as you feel 😉 Congrats on your birthday!

    • robin says:

      thank you Ro! my kids keep me young i think (while giving me grey hair at the same time, haha)

      • RO says:

        Haha I always thought that was a myth but it’s actually not!! Increased stress-levels can actually drain the pigment from your hair sooner that it would without stress.. what an eerie idea, right? So take some time to relax as well, haha! 😉

  3. Dancescribe says:

    One of the most amazing dancers I know is a teacher at our school who also dances with the company. She’s doing lead Arabian in our Nutcracker like she does every year. You can’t take your eyes off her when she dances, she’s amazing!

    Happy birthday. I’ll be at the big 5-0 in a few short years.

    • robin says:

      thank you!
      one woman i take class from is in her 70s, is incredibly beautiful & still looks amazing in pink tights! sometimes her demonstrating is so gorgeous i just watch & forget to learn the combo!

  4. Dancescribe says:

    And the teacher I’m talking about just turned 50. Forgot to mention that part!

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