no more nuts

soooo… it happened that i got a little early christmas money and i was all “yay! maybe i’ll take the girls to see ABTs nutcracker!” but of course by the time i got around to actually buying tickets all the affordable seats were sold out. (well… there were 3 seats but not together. super bummer because as much as i hate driving to brooklyn i was really hoping to see sarah lane and joseph gorak dance this). so hey, maybe we could see new york city ballet’s wonderful nutcracker instead, but of unfortunately they are pretty much sold out as well (plus their lowest price seats are more than triple the cost of ABTs lowest, yikes)! but wait! wasn’t the royal ballet doing a “live in cinema” broadcast soon? so i check and ….. it was last week. so, there ya go – no live nutcrackers for me this christmas. 

photo (1)

on the upside, i’m sure there’s something on netflix or whatever (not quite the same experience but hey…) and in the meantime i seem to keep watching this charming clip with royal ballet’s francesca hayward and alexander campbell.  i’m not previously familiar with hayward but she is delightful and so very pretty, she and campbell truly capture the wonder and magic of this scene and i am enchanted : )  and check out alex at about 3 minutes – he does that grande jete front, jete side, jete front thing really well! (that’s possibly my favorite male coda menage step combo ever, i looove it).


merry christmas!


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4 Responses to no more nuts

  1. RO says:

    Too bad you didn’t get to see the Nutcracker live! But like you said, there must be a way to have the whole experience at home 😉 Have a merry Christmas!

  2. robin says:

    Merry christmas ro! Hope you had a wonderful one : )

  3. bethwarstadt says:

    A beautiful Clara and a handsome prince. I love the staging–I’ve never seen it like that before. Thanks for sharing!

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