omg omg maybe i will get to see marianela nunez dance live!


ok, the fact that the royal ballet is coming to new york city is not something that would normally fly under my radar but alas, i somehow totally missed this lovely piece of news! but no worries, they aren’t coming until 2015 so i have plenty of time to get all excited. 

over the last few years via ballet in cinema, dvd and youtube, i have developed such an affection for  the royal ballet and their incredible dancers, that the prospect of seeing them perform actually in real life on stage and in person has me simply elated! 

according to the chicago tribune, the royal ballet will be bringing carlos acosta’s don quixote, as well as a triple bill consisting of works by wayne mcgregor (the art of fugue), christopher wheeldon (aeternum) and liam scarlett (something yet to be choreographed). (well, that’s what they’re bringing to chicago anyway- and new york and washington d.c. are on the same tour). while i am not exactly a huge mcgregor fan to be honest, liam scarlett can be interesting and wheeldon quite enjoyable. and….. i love don quixote and i’m not afraid to admit it : ) i think it’s a blast (not saying i want to see a donQ pas de deux in every gala video or anything, but the ballet as a whole is loads of fun). 

but more intriguing to me than the rep are the dancers!! i am quite madly in love with so many of them and omgomgomg maybe i will actually get to see marianela nunez at long last! (in case you didn’t know, i adore her ). and lauren cuthbertson and ed watson and yuhui and ♥♥STEVEN MCRAE♥♥! i could go on………….

but anyway, here is a clip of wheeldon rehearsing aeternum (how adorable and fabulous is james hay?)


and here is ♥marianela♥ being delightfully flirtatious with carlos acosta in his ever so fun don quixote! (yuhui cho and beatriz stix-brunell are super cute here as well)


so here’s hoping none of my favorite RB dancers up and leave the company before they tour the U.S. and that i finally get to see them dance live : )

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7 Responses to omg omg maybe i will get to see marianela nunez dance live!

  1. Very OMG worthy! I hope you do get to see them when they come. I loved the choreography vid, thanks!

  2. bethwarstadt says:

    How much fun! This Don Quixote is NOT the old Man of La Mancha. I love it!

  3. I love Marianela Nunez 🙂 🙂

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