2013 …….. you may go.

2013 – i bid you farewell. (and don’t hit yourself with the door on the way out.)

while 2013 involved many wonderful, unforgettable moments it also involved a period of several months earlier in the year that i would not hesitate to call the official worst time of my life. now, in the entire worldly realm of bad times my bad time seems extremely very insignificant, but in my own little personal life bubble – it was hell. anyway, I’m not here looking for sympathy or anything like that and don’t ask what’s up because it’s a long story and I won’t tell you anyway (don’t worry, nobody died) but where all this is leading to is ….. my saving grace, my great escape – ballet. thank heavens for ballet because without it i may have gone totally bonkers. no, seriously.

taking class is the best, i don’t even care if my turns suck and my extensions just keep getting lower and I no longer have a perfect 5th position (okay, actually i really miss my perfect 5th) i’m just so happy to move and disappear into the music and forget all the awful stupid crap for a couple hours. (plus exercise is a terrific stress reliever!) 

while, as i said, taking class is the best, teaching class is also a joy (and nearly as effective when it comes to eluding reality – which obviously, is not why i’m there- but it’s a nice perk). i adore our students and even tho sometimes they drive me crazy they also make me laugh, make me proud and inspire me. and anyway, there is just something about being in the studio surrounded with music … it seems nothing else matters but what’s in that particular, magical moment. 

and undoubtedly there is going to the ballet. i have been fortunate recently to be able to go to the ballet considerably more frequently than i deserve and for that i am genuinely, unquestionably, incredibly grateful. for me there is nothing quite like sitting in the theatre as the lights go down and the chandeliers go up and knowing you are about to become absorbed in someone else’s story  while yours is put on hold for a bit. and more often than not it is a story filled with beauty- beautiful music, beautiful costumes, and beautiful people doing amazing and beautiful things. i simply love it. and if there is tragedy and drama that’s great too because say if you’re sitting there with tears rolling down your face because romeo is dead or whatever, maybe it’s partly because you needed to cry anyway.

so there you have it. ballet. my salvation, my sustenance, my escape. thank goodness. once many years ago i said to my husband “i need ballet for my sanity” to which he responded “you need ballet for MY sanity!” i suppose that was his nice way of saying that without it i am maybe just a teeny little bit possibly hard to live with. go figure.

and on that note… bring on 2014.

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8 Responses to 2013 …….. you may go.

  1. Dancescribe says:

    Sorry 2013 wasn’t a great one. But I feel the same way about taking ballet class. It is a refuge for me when times are going rough.

  2. 4dancers says:

    Happy NY m’dear! I’m with you on kicking 2013 out the door! 🙂 Hope things go better for us both!

  3. RO says:

    Ballet is indeed an escape from reality sometimes. It can be comforting but also challenging, and that is what keeps it the way it is. Great!! Happy New year 🙂

  4. bethwarstadt says:

    Though my flexibility has given way to back-torturing days at the computer, I can relate to ballet being your salvation because writing is mine. That said, I am laying a burden on you for 2014 that you did not ask for or expect: I will be following your blog to learn more about ballet (which I have always loved, but pushed out of the way in a testosterone-driven household.). Thank you in advance for the education. Don’t be surprised if ballet turns up in some way in one of my stories because your descriptions are so moving.

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