the fine art of shazamming

okay, so sometimes i’ll be driving home from the studio (or wherever) and a delightful piece of music will come on classical radio wqxr and i’ll think “oh, this could potentially be something awesome to choreograph!” but of course i don’t know what the heck music it is, so i look at the clock and tell myself that when i get home i’ll go on the wqxr website and see what they played at 4:37 pm, just in case i should wish to choreograph it some day. naturally, by the time i get home i have forgotten all about it and don’t think of it again for several days and by then i have no clue what day or time i heard it in the first place. this happens to me all the time. oh, you too? good – i thought maybe it was just me : )

but now there is this awesomely great iphone app called shazam that will happily detect what music you’re listening to straight away on the spot! (granted shazam has probably been around for a while and i just didn’t know it because a). i haven’t had an iphone very long and b). i’m not exactly cool and up to date on all this app business. if you would like confirmation on the level of my uncoolness feel free to contact my youngest offspring, who i imagine would be happy to enlighten you at length).

so how it works is when you hear a song you wish to identify, you just open the shazam app and press the button in the middle of the screen. it will listen intently for a few seconds and then tada! shazam will then report that you are hearing mendelssohn’s string octet in E flat major, opus 20! (for example). tho i recommend you do this while at a stop light because don’t shazam and drive! that would be just like texting and driving which is stupid and dangerous and illegal. or if you happen to have a passenger along you could kindly request that they shazam the song on your behalf (assuming the passenger is someone like your spouse who knows that you are queen boss of the car radio and not someone like your 12 year old daughter who forces you to listen to your future son in law, justin bieber, 24/7). 


anyway, once you have shazamed a song it will stay in your shazam news feed and you can check it (and all the other bunch of songs you have been shazamming) out when you get home or tomorrow or next week or whenever you are ready to choose music for your next choreography! pretty cool, huh?

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One Response to the fine art of shazamming

  1. RO says:

    I love Shazam! I have Soundhound as well, same principle basically. And you’re not the only one who forgets about looking up music, happens to me all the time! I usually remember a bit of the lyrics and put it in Google Search but when there’s classical music involved that’s a bit hard, haha!

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