bonus video from vail dance fest! oh happy me!

i’m at the gym and have just finished on the elliptical so i turn on my phone to select some music for the rest of my workout. my phone kindly alerts me that i have facebook notifications so i figure i might as well check them (not that i’m an addict. shut up.) while i walk across the gym to the stupid hammer strength ab machine (hammer strength? am i gonna look like thor?!). i open facebook and lo and behold at the top of my newsfeed is a video with the thumbnail being a picture of damian woetzel, lauren lovette and herman cornejo rehearsing at vail. could it be? actual video of lauren and herman rehearsing balanchine’s rubies?! hooray! i could hardly contain my excitement!

as you may already know, i have a certain  fondness for the vail international dance festival and they always post such wonderful video footage, but last summer, after seeing these incredible photos (by erin baiano)

 ru1 ru2 ru3

i was admittedly a little bummed that there was never any video posted of this performance. but now, there is!! and it was all i could do to refrain from plopping down in the corner of retro fitness and watching it right then and there. but i finished my workout first and i hope you are sufficiently impressed by the amount of willpower that took. (however, i then watched it twice in the dressing room because i couldn’t wait the extra 4 or 5 minutes it takes to drive home).

and it’s not just all about lauren and herman either …. well, here – i’ll let the talented fimmaker nel shelby enlighten you further : )

click here to visit nel’s website and watch the video! it’s all gorgeous. enjoy : )

(video also includes cute interviews and amazingness by tiler peck, sergei polunin, robert fairchild, isabella boylston, gabriel misse, analia centurion and the ever brilliant team of heather watts and damian woetzel)

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2 Responses to bonus video from vail dance fest! oh happy me!

  1. RO says:

    Nice footage! I would love to see all the jewels performances once 🙂

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