a happy little story

so last saturday i picked ballerina daughter up from rehearsal and she informed me that i need to buy her a black formal dress for our studio fund raiser this weekend. wait. huh? well, its not like it’s required but all her ballerina friends plan to wear black and the only fancy dress she has that fits is beige. see, the girls in her level are the servants (bwahaha) for this event and they get to walk elegantly about wearing pretty clothes, carrying trays and offering delightful hors d’oeuvres to all the guests! so my lovely ballerina girl obviously doesn’t want to be the only one not wearing black but i’m like ughhhh i just bought you pointe shoes (again!) and i have bills up to my eyeballs and ugghhh! but we’ll figure something out. 

so here’s the happy part – this morning i went to adult class and my friend who hasn’t been to class in at least a month is there, she gives me a big hug and says “oh i have something for you – i’ve had this in my car for ages – i don’t know if it’s anything she can use but…..” and she hands me a bag with two beautiful black dresses and a pair of black shoes inside. her daughter had outgrown them recently and she thought my ballerina might like them.

she loved them, they fit perfectly, she looks stunning in them and they are perfect for the fundraiser. she said “hooray! the universe loves us!”
that made my day right there : )


click here for more info on nunnbetter dance theatre’s not for profit company

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2 Responses to a happy little story

  1. RO says:

    Now that’s a happy coincidence!!! 🙂

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