railroads and rehearsals

at long last it’s finally starting to act like spring around here, and while i’ve been a bit busy i was lucky enough last week to have gorgeous weather for my day off. so after a super fun morning adult ballet class (i’ve been feeling like slightly less of a crippled old hag in class recently, which is nice) i threw on my sneakers and a light jacket and went for a long walk along the abandoned railroad tracks. it was pretty awesome.






meanwhile, i’ve been working on choreographing a new piece for our student company which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. i’m finding this particular piece even more stressful than usual for several reasons- 1. it’s the longest piece i’ve ever set (a whopping 13 minutes, haha, how anyone can choreograph a full length ballet without having a nervous breakdown is beyond me). 2. there is much of the music i can’t seem to count and that drives me crazy. (on the other hand, i frequently choose music i can’t count so i guess that’s nothing new). 3. i have a lot of girls and a wide range of levels and it’s a bit of a task to make everyone look good without underusing the younger students or underchallenging the advanced ones. 4. chunks of this music  practically beg to become pas de deux and of course we have no men. (but we have several young boys now who seem dedicated so in 4 or 5 years we can hopefully have pas de deux all over the place)!

but on the plus side, the girls are working hard and often surprise me at how well they pick up the steps and patterns i want- even when i think i’m not making any sense at all. and at least i only have 45 seconds left to set and after that i have one whole rehearsal to clean it up and fix the boring parts! (assuming they don’t forget the whole thing over spring break). sooo….. all is well.

here are some tiny instagram videos taken from rehearsal a couple of weeks ago. i have not yet begun to clean it up. don’t judge 😉




and despite all my whining, i’m having a great time with all this.

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4 Responses to railroads and rehearsals

  1. RO says:

    Wow it looks nice already!! How awesome, a 13 minute piece… I can’t even imagine dancing something like that!! We’re now doing 3,5 minutes and that’s hard enough for me, haha!
    The pictures are gorgeous by the way, I love them! Such a beautiful calm and melancholic atmosphere.

  2. Dancescribe says:

    You’ve got my complete admiration.

    We’re doing Cinderella this weekend, it is the only non-Nutcracker full length ballet we’ve ever done. We’ve done condensed versions of Romeo & Juliet, Firebird, Dracula, Billy the Kid and the second act of Swan Lake, but never something like this. I’m amazed our artistic director and school director weren’t pulling their hair out. We were still changing things at dress rehearsal last night.

    I can’t imagine choreographing anything, much less with a bunch of kids at different levels, and 13 minutes is no short piece. I’m in a four-minute piece in our school show in a class where I’m the only adult and only guy, with teenage company girls who are of different levels. There’s no leaving the stage in the piece, we dance the whole time, and I’m amazed at how our teacher came up with the piece. It’s amazing.

    • robin says:

      haha, thanks 🙂
      well, i finished it yesterday but it’s still a mess and i may still change some more of it! plus it’s spring break so some kids are away & i was missing a bunch of girls at the last rehearsal. yikes. but i’m less nervous than i was a week ago.
      good luck with cinders and your other piece! have fun and thanks for your lovely comment : )

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