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ah…. giselle

saturday morning i get a message from a balletomane friend saying david hallberg just announced on twitter that he would be dancing last minute in american ballet theatre’s giselle that night. which is all well and fine except…..well, that meant … Continue reading

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a snake at the lookout, or lookout! a snake!

as i most likely won’t be back at the ballet until saturday i figured i had best be seeking beauty elsewhere until then. so yesterday i parked my car on the border of new york and new jersey and walked the … Continue reading

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cinderella round 2

when i got up yesterday morning i had no intention of going to the ballet that afternoon and yet somehow i found myself at lincoln center for ABTs matinee performance of cinderella. it happens. since i’ve already done one post on cinderella i’ll make … Continue reading

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an enchanting cinderella in spite of the annoying audience and wtf? i’m in love with a man in a dress

sometimes there is good luck and kindness and generosity and so it happened that jacquie and i found ourselves seated in the orchestra section to see ABTs cinderella – for free.  so i feel that i shouldn’t complain about anything, and yet….there … Continue reading

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a few belated thoughts on ABTs coppelia

i wasn’t originally planning on seeing ABTs coppelia twice but since a free ticket happened to come my way i ended up going both friday and saturday nights.  on friday swanhilda was danced by misty copeland and franz by herman … Continue reading

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kenneth macmillan’s manon. wow. bloody fantastic! this was my first experience seeing manon live – i’d seen it on dvd forever ago, and have seen various youtube snippets- but i’d somehow never actually seen this ballet in the theater. while it may … Continue reading

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