a few belated thoughts on ABTs coppelia

i wasn’t originally planning on seeing ABTs coppelia twice but since a free ticket happened to come my way i ended up going both friday and saturday nights.  on friday swanhilda was danced by misty copeland and franz by herman cornejo. saturday gave us gillian murphy and jared matthews. roman zhurbin masterfully played dr. coppelius on both nights 🙂

coppelia is a cute, comedic ballet about a silly misunderstanding in the relationship of a rather simple couple. ( i mean, he is stupid enough to fall in love with a doll, and she is dumb enough to consider dumping her fiance because an all knowing piece of wheat doesn’t rattle. OK, WHO WOULD SERIOUSLY DUMP HERMAN CORNEJO BECAUSE OF A STUPID PIECE OF WHEAT?? or jared matthews, for that matter! what a dingbat). anyway, here is a synopsis if you are not already familiar with the plot. I don’t feel like thinking hard enough to explain it sensibly right now 😉

well, i don’t know if it was because i had closer seats or because there was more excitement coming from the crowd or because i was less tired or because of the casting but for me friday night’s show was just……a little bit better. i mean, both shows were great fun but friday felt a bit more joyous and energetic. i smiled through the entire thing.

tho i saw coppelia only a week ago it seems like ages! i’ve had a busy week so i’m merely going to toss out a few thoughts….

yuriko yuriko yuriko. yuriko kajiya’s prayer variation was truly one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen in my life. i’m sure i gasped and sighed audibly – it was if she danced upon the clouds – such lightness and control, she was not of this earth. i hope to remember it forever.

herman cornejo! gone was that strong, masculine warrior i’d seen the previous weekend in la bayadere and somehow, in the same physique, was a young, stupid, love-struck kid. adorable. this ability to embody different characters is part of what makes herman so great. well, that and how brilliantly he does that cabriole with an extra beat in it -whatever it’s called. (is a cabriole battu a thing?) (and does ABT use the music from sylvia for the male variation or was that my imagination)?

while not as mind blowing technically, jared matthews was also a charming and amusing franz. i always enjoy seeing jared, especially in light or comedic roles.

the JKO kids! the students of the JKO school performed the “dance of the hours” and they were wonderful! (and i hate saying it but they were more together than the corps de ballet – the corps was sadly looking a bit sloppy here and there. altho the mazurka was fantastic).

i love the scene where all the dolls come to life and even the skeleton starts dancing and it’s total chaos and the music is fantastic. (but of course,the entire delibes coppelia score is heavenly).

misty copeland! swanhilda was quite a good role for misty – she was charming and very funny and i thought her jumps looked much lighter and easier than when i saw her in la bayadere. her doll dance with dr. coppelius was wonderfully staccato with excellent comic timing. i loved her in this 🙂


not to be picky about coda steps or anything (because really, i’m not) but the one thing that sticks in my mind from when i saw coppelia several years ago was xiomara reyes coda. before the fouettes she did a series of hops en pointe, turning in a circle while also completing a grande ronde jamb en l’air. it was beautiful and impressive and so i just thought that’s what the choreography was supposed to be. hence, i was a little disappointed when neither misty or gillian did it, even tho gillian fouette’s rocked as usual. 

but no matter……i had a great time at both shows and am very grateful to have gone. yet now i must away, as i am very shortly off to see cinderella!

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2 Responses to a few belated thoughts on ABTs coppelia

  1. RO says:

    Hahahaha your explanation of Coppelia’s main characters’ story is hilarious!!
    Never seen this one before, so I seriously need to check it out!

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