cinderella round 2


when i got up yesterday morning i had no intention of going to the ballet that afternoon and yet somehow i found myself at lincoln center for ABTs matinee performance of cinderella. it happens. since i’ve already done one post on cinderella i’ll make a feeble attempt to keep this short. 😉

this time around our housekeeping heroine was danced by xiomara reyes. i had been missing xiomara as i had yet to see her this season (i’ve seen her dance nearly everything in the last several years, admittedly due, in part, to the fact that she so frequently danced with my favorite guy herman cornejo, but this season they are shockingly not cast together even once!) and i am quite fond of her. xiomara was such a sweet cinderella and while not as elegant as hee the other night, she was extremely lovable.  with hee it seemed as tho she was born to be a princess and was somehow stuck in rags by some weird twist of fate. xiomara seemed more like a regular girl who was then transformed by magic. i delighted in them both.

the fairy godmother responsible for this transformation was played by devon teuscher and OMG she was wonderful! not only did she give an unaffected, pure, classical performance but her fairy godmother was so caring, so loving and protective of cinderella – i adored her. there seems to be some chatter among critics on which dancers give the most ashtonian interpretations and to be honest, i am not schooled enough to hazard a guess – (nor am i a critic) but i do know what i like and i sure as hell loved devon yesterday.

and of course i once again loved the step-sisters because…. how can you not?! after seeing craig and ♥roman♥ the other day i was thinking “who else could possibly be that funny?” but kenneth easter and thomas forster were equally as hilarious. kenneth was sooo girly and thomas’ height (he’s tall) somehow made him that much more amusing. i thought all the sisters were brilliant.

okay. joseph gorak. wow! i was super excited when i saw that joey had been cast in this role as he has been looking SO good recently and hey, this guy was obviously made to be a prince. with those gorrrgeous legs and feet and unforced elegance, he easily lived up to my expectations. he was looking confident, and his technique is so beautiful- but here are my two favorite joey moments of the day – 1). during his variation he did about 5 pirouettes or so and then stayed on releve’ and slowwwly opened his leg to efface’ and as the energy from that opening foot gently pulled him into the next movement his upper back arched so beautifully…… i don’t know if i describe it well enough but it was one of those moments where i couldn’t help but gasp audibly. 2). at the end when cinderella drops her glass slipper and is kneeling, head bowed graciously before the prince – he gently lifts her chin to see her face and somehow i was moved to tears. granted, i am the biggest sap on planet earth and i cry at anything that is even remotely touching (my family totally makes fun of me) but still….. it was perfect. 🙂

unfortunately the prince’s friends were not so perfect yesterday – they were jumping a bit like popcorn, i’m afraid. somewhat disappointing after seeing monday’s prince posse dance so beautifully as one, but it’s not the end of the world. however, the season fairies were all lovely, tho skylar remains a standout for me.

after the performance i asked my pre-teen ballerina daughter who was her favorite character. she didn’t even stop to think about it but answered immediately “the jester! he was awesome!” and i concur, the jester (arron scott) was 100% awesome. 

cinderella week at ABT is over now but i loved this production just as much the second time around. visually stunning and ever so sweet, i’m hoping it will return again next year.


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5 Responses to cinderella round 2

  1. RO says:

    Haha two times in a row?? Awesome!

  2. trueindigo says:

    “unfortunately the prince’s friends were not so perfect yesterday – they were jumping a bit like popcorn, i’m afraid.” – This was exactly the description I gave of their effort! I too agree the Jester was awesome… but as a Mom I am biased – hehe.

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