a snake at the lookout, or lookout! a snake!

as i most likely won’t be back at the ballet until saturday i figured i had best be seeking beauty elsewhere until then. so yesterday i parked my car on the border of new york and new jersey and walked the one mile path to the state line lookout, which offers a stunning view of  westchester and the hudson river. on the path i met a very large snake. i was admittedly startled as i was quite close by the time i noticed it, (plus it was about 20 million feet long and totally wanted to eat me!) so i backed up a few paces, we looked at each other for a minute and then it slowly slithered off into the woods.  🙂

030 033

and so i continued up to the cliffs to nurture my soul…









~ 🙂 ~

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2 Responses to a snake at the lookout, or lookout! a snake!

  1. RO says:

    Wowww gorgeous pictures..!! You are such a talented photographer, I always love looking at your work 🙂

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