some things i liked this week


i have decided to start a series to highlight some things i particularly enjoyed stumbling across thru the course of each week. they will be mostly ballet or dance related things i’ve seen via the internet, tho they may not be exclusively that. they are unlikely to be the biggest news items or the most important happenings, but rather little things that make me smile.  🙂  so here we go!

iana salenko and steven mcrae being stand out redheads in japan. so cute! i adore these two dancers and wish i could be in japan to see them (along with all the other amazing dancers involved) perform with alina cojocaru’s dream project.



daniil simkin’s airport dance. daniil often posts these and for whatever reason i totally get a kick out of them 🙂  (and omg how cute is cory stearns?)  daniil is presently touring with roberto bolle and friends and as you can see roberto has some pretty awesome friends. (skylar brandt, cory stearns, hee seo, julie kent with her son william and daniil).


this picture of wendy whelan and edward watson. 

photo (3)


ABT ballerina isabella boylston’s wedding dress! (by carly cushnie) stunning! what a beautiful bride. congrats to isabella and daniel shin.  🙂 

 photo 2

photo 3

photo 5photo 1



this video and the fact that alessandra ferri and herman cornejo are dancing together again. (and can we just throw in all the vail dance rehearsal videos from the previous week)? i’m kind of abnormally obsessed with the VDF, partly due to it’s taking place in the mountains of my beloved home state (♥colorado♥) and partly due to the fact that artistic director damian woetzel seems to feature dancers that consistently rank very high on my favorites list. ( i mean, i don’t actually have a list but you get what i mean….)


this wonderful jacob’s pillow post performance talk with the oh-so-lovable daniel ulbricht! the clip includes a very interesting Q&A as well as some fantastic dance footage!


these breathtaking pictures of luciana paris and marcelo gomes dancing the romeo & juliet balcony pas de deux at the fire island dance festival! swoon ♥! so gorgeous dancing on the water and…. they brought a balcony! that’s so cool. and of course the fact that the event raised $533,860 for dancers responding to aids.







and last but not least, this picture of herman 🙂

ba gala


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