some things i liked this week 8//01/14

~some things i liked this week~

from the roberto bolle and friends tour…

daniil simkin calling out cory stearns for being late, hahaha. (there are some other nice videos on this channel for you bolle fans out there)!

and sigh….. roberto and hee seo – the romeo and juliet kiss…. in the pouring rain! (side note- i am determined to catch hee’s juliet next ABT season no matter what. i adore her!) << (video)

photo (4)


this photo of diana vishneva in carmen by nikolay krusser. i think the set and lighting are so beautiful. only now i want a room with nothing but a guitar and some fans on the wall. i don’t actually play the guitar but that’s irrelevant. i just like how it looks. 😉




the release of christopher hobson’s modern ballet studio melodies volume 6 on itunes ! (which actually came out last week but i didn’t get to it until this week). it is lots of fun, as are all of chris’ ballet class cd’s – aaaaand…. i suppose i could mention that i took the photograph on the cover. 🙂




this gorgeous image from the joffrey ballet!



and finally about fifty million things from the vail international dance festival. i will try to whittle it down to a few hundred.

robert fairchild rehearsing “ballin’ the jack” ♥ and how cute is his wife tiler peck, watching in the background?!

VIDF2014: Day 1 Rehearsals at Vail Mountain School (11 of 16)

and the video!! omg! ♥♥♥

and this great pic of robbie and leanne cope (not from vail actually, from the upcoming musical “an american in paris” ~ more info here).


this moment from balanchine’s “rubies” with tiler peck and herman cornejo. 🙂 (times three)

VIDF2014: Day 1 Rehearsals at Vail Mountain School (15 of 16)

Rehearsals - 7.26.14

Opening Night - 7.27.14

here’s one of so many great videos from vail this week -all the dancers are so incredibly fantastic but i’ll give and extra shout out to gorgeous carla korbes in diamonds. and how wonderful are damian and heather?!

ok, one more video because honestly i couldn’t choose…..

this. chase finlay as an afterthought, haha 😦  oops.


but here they are….

Farmers' Market Autograph Session

and lastly this insane photo of lil buck! people think dancing on pointe must be difficult?? how in the hell do you dance on the sides of your ankles?! ouch! he is amazing 🙂

Opening Night - 7.27.14

i am loving everything from the vail international dance festival this week – this barely scratches the surface. thank you, vail people! xxx

for more here’s their flickr page –  !!!!♥♥♥  and their youtube channel ! so much awesome! enjoy 🙂

vail photos by erin baiano and videos by nel shelby. many thanks to them both.

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