some things i liked this week 8/08/14


this charming clip of tiler peck’s photo shoot for the upcoming musical “little dancer”.  tiler will play marie von goethem – the young parisian ballerina who modeled for the famous degas sculpture “little dancer, aged fourteen”. quite some years ago i remember reading a lovely little book about her life (i believe it was written for teens or young adults) but i can’t remember the title. however, a friend just informed me that there has been another novel recently released about marie and her sister and i plan to read it very soon!

“little dancer” will play at the kennedy center in washington d.c. from october 25 – november 30. 🙂

and here’s the book….

painted girls


these stunning giselle photos by nikolay krusser. i am a big fan of krussers ballet photography (and all of his work, really). i am a bit of a romantic mush at times and find the dreamy quality permeating his images to be very appealing. 

g4 g3 g2 g1


this gorgeous photograph of  english national ballet’s tamara rojo and alina cojocaru. those dresses!! ♥ (alas, the daily mail article does not seem to credit the photographer)


and this goofy pic of gillian murphy from her instagram 😀

photo (5)


and (you knew it was coming….) about fifty bazillion things from the vail international dance festival. but hey, it’s just about over so i will have to find something new to like next week i guess. here are some highlights from the international evenings of dance 1. my absolute favorite bit from this reel is the “suite of chopin dances” with robert fairchild and herman cornejo. seriously i would about kill to see this in it’s entirety. okay, fine. i’m lying, i’m actually not a violent, murderous type at all. but i do really want to see it! i’m also loving the manon clip with lauren cuthbertson and cory stearns – cory looks so wonderfully love-struck that i’m getting all mushy from only 30 seconds of footage! and sorry to favorite all the ballet things (honest, i love the other styles too) but wow- carla korbes and robert fairchild in la sonnambula. breathtaking! however …. about the ever spinning liplock from le parc…. (with alessandra ferri & herman cornejo) i’m a bit on the fence about this one. it’s beautiful in a way, and yet i can’t help but think it’s not possible to kiss properly while spinning around like that. surely the pull of the centrifugal force is a bit disruptive to the sensuality of the whole thing. don’t get me wrong, i’m all for kissing in ballet, but i prefer when it’s more natural. (by the way, if you happen to live in the washington d.c. area & want to see alessandra and herman do some seriously proper kissing – tickets for martha clarke’s cheri have recently gone on sale 😉 )

at any rate, everything in this clip is well worth watching – enjoy!


and just one more vail thing…. i absolutely, completely and totally adore this excerpt from “slump” – choreographed by joshua l. peugh & performed by ballet  X.  just watch it – it’s so much fun 🙂


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2 Responses to some things i liked this week 8/08/14

  1. Wow, during that kissing spin when he let go I though for certain she was going to go flying. When she didn’t, for some reason I thought she must be being held there by a vacuum force to counteract the centrifugal force via his mouth, however illogical that sounds. It was just the immediate picture I got in my head,lol.
    It was a nice set of clips though. I love seeing the diversity in dance.

    • robin says:

      Yeah, the vacuum seal thing crossed my mind also! But there is a lot a beauty in the full pas de deux (as well as some bits I find awkward) .
      Glad you enjoyed the clip tho 😊

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