our sneaky little dog :) r.i.p. chee ♥

our little dog, cheeto, died a couple of weeks ago. while she was a lot of work and a cranky old lady near the end (she was 15) she was a wonderful doggie with a great personality. here is my favorite story about her.

when chee was about 8 years old we got a new puppy, koda, from a pet rescue and i’m not sure if chee ever forgave me for bringing this giant, hungry oaf into her life. while the two of them got on alright, they were never the best of friends. if nothing else, koda brought out the evil genius in cheeto.

once we went camping and while we were there we let cheeto roam free because she was a good doggie who came when she was called and never ventured off of the campsite. koda, however, we put on a chain because she is a maniac. each dog had their own little food dish, the double bowl type where you put food on one side and water on the other. while we were enjoying our own little picnic we noticed chee was very busy pushing the food bowls around with her nose. it took her a while but she didn’t stop until she had managed to push both dishes just out of koda’s reach- koda could go to the length of her chain and allllmost reach the food but not quite! we were all dying laughing because we had no idea that cheeto was such a conniving little sneak! crazy dog 😀

so, here’s hoping chee is now at peace in a place where she gets all the food and koda doesn’t, because goodness knows koda eats everything in sight here on earth.

cheeto as a puppy


sometimes chee would take the big bed

1 2

rest in peace, chee. we love you and miss you.


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2 Responses to our sneaky little dog :) r.i.p. chee ♥

  1. RO says:

    Ahwww it’s always sad to lose an animal friend.. I still mourn the loss of my Golden Retriever sometimes! She died over 2 years ago!

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