some things i liked this week 8/22/14

these beautiful, romantic photographs of the boston ballet on swan boats!

(liza voll photography)




they have a lovely nostalgic feel, bringing us back to simpler times, and with good reason…. they are a recreation of this historic photo from the 1970’s (which actually  has a sense of dating back even further). my only wish is that the driver on the boat of the current photo had donned a gondolier hat.  😉


boston ballet opens their swan lake october 30th


these striking images of san francisco ballet’s tiit helimets fighting his way through the forest to rescue his princess ♥ (okay, so how do you pronounce tiit anyway? because you know every time i see his name it reads “tit helmets”, which is something of an uncomfortable visual. sorry, i am a twelve year old boy, apparently. ugh.) well, however you pronounce his name he is looking mighty fine in these wonderful fairytale photos. beautiful forest too – i would love to do some exploring there!

(photos by roxana tocareva)




one can’t help but enjoy the ALS ice bucket challenges – here are my favorites from the ballet world so far …

evan mckie ~ so elegant!

ashley bouder ~ daring, of course!

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ALS Ice bucket challenge part 3 grand finale

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and julio bocca ~ just because i’m in love with him. (and because he calls out alessandra ferri, the most gorgeous creature ever. ugh seriously- sometimes i think maybe i’m not doing so bad for 50 but then i see her & i’m like, okay …… never mind.)


while the photos i posted above may suggest otherwise, to be honest i am starting to get over the whole ballerinas photographed outside thing. not that i have anything against ballerinas at the park or at the beach or in a pond or in dark alleys – they are lovely!- but there is a part of me that wants to put these dancers back in the studio where they belong (and won’t get their shoes muddy). but in all seriousness i adore rehearsal pictures – i love seeing the dancers with no make-up, messy hair, ripped leg warmers and sloppy sweatpants. i delight in the look of old studios, natural light seeping through the windows, reflections in the mirror. nothing posed, nothing pretentious, the simple, honest, beauty of hard work. 🙂

here are some wonderful images by photographer carlos villamayor of maria kochetkova, joaquin de luz and herman cornejo rehearsing for the gala de ballet de buenos aires. ( i believe the actual gala performance is going on as i type).

10633529_10204449020736536_752654986259207128_o 10633880_10204449021776562_5384301010964693508_o 10636512_10204449021736561_3898120840174506848_o 10575250_10204449023376602_6262849979667025602_o


and finally, steven mcrae’s and frederico bonelli’s  feet wrapped in plastic bags before performing in the rain.



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  1. Yep. Tit Helmets. Me too.

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