let’s have fun and dance

it’s september (already?!), school has begun and we have just started a new season of classes at our studio. at the beginning of the season i often ponder a bit about teaching (by the end of the year i’m happy if i can think up one more interesting combination without my brain exploding) and recently my thoughts have fallen upon last years parents observation week. i am not just a ballet teacher that week, but a parent as well and i am remembering a moment from watching my daughter’s class with (former ABT principal ballerina) eleanor d’antuono. 

during the little break between barre and center eleanor came over to me and said “they’re so serious! they need to have fun, because when you are having fun, THEN you improve!” 

i was happy to hear her say that because i absolutely agree. which is not to say you don’t work hard or that it’s okay to lose focus or misbehave or anything like that. i think what she meant was that you must find the joy in movement. find the beauty in the music and the euphoria that comes from pushing yourself as far as possible. as much as we all like to do multiple pirouettes and have high extensions and balance forever, first and foremost ballet is a dance. and dancing is fun!

so, dance and have fun – see what happens 🙂

~eleanor teaching intermediate ballet~




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