some things i liked this week 9/25/14

sarah lambs beautiful, elegant white swan variation. i love sarah’s dancing – so pure and classical with lovely phrasing. there is a quiet sadness to her swan queen and i think she is just wonderful. this was danced at the kremlin palace in moscow with steven mcrae (♥) and there are a few more clips from that performance on the same youtube channel if you’re interested. 


and speaking of steven mcrae….. i kinda have to love him warming up outside wearing sunglasses. 



michele wiles’ ballet next wearing these insanely awesome dresses. seriously, how fun would it be just to spin and dance around in these??

photo by nisian hughes



the fact that world ballet day is going to be a thing! in case you somehow missed this, on on october 1st there will be an all day live broadcast featuring five major ballet companies from all around the world – and they want you to participate 😉  check it out and send in your pirouettes….


these fantastic drawings by andrea selby showed up in my facebook feed the other day and i am just madly in love with them! they are drawings from damian woetzel’s works and process demo at the guggenheim earlier this week (which i was unfortunately unable to attend). 







this tiny sliver of beauty – hee seo and marcelo gomes rehearsing a new liam scarlett ballet at ABT, courtesy of luciana voltolini’s instagram. ♥ 


and speaking of liam scarlett….. omg these incredibly stunning costumes (by sara burton) from his new piece for NYCB! (damn, liam is busy, huh)?

there is a lovely clip from the premiere of scarlett’s funérailles on  new york city ballet’s FB page.


and how about this amazing image of stella abrera as giselle?! (guesting with ballet philippines). her hair! her face! stunning.

(photo by  jude bautista)

stella by jude bautista

please consider donating to stella’s steps forward for the phillippines fundraiser


and finally this beautiful little film of olga smirnova and david hallberg. sigh…



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2 Responses to some things i liked this week 9/25/14

  1. Sarah Lamb’s dancing is indeed beautiful. It may have been in my head but I thought the music’s tempo seemed a bit slower than usual. Beautiful regardless.
    World Ballet Day sounds so fun, I hope it becomes a yearly thing. I would love to submit a pirouette video once I actually have a pirouette worth showing.

    • robin says:

      Yeah, my pirouettes are probably not for public viewing- turns we’re never really my strength & even less so now that I’m old & hardly ever take class!
      But I also hope world ballet day happens annually.
      I rather like the slow tempo for the white swan I think. 🙂

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