some things i liked this week or two or three

it seems ages ago now, but of course i liked WORLD BALLET DAY! unfortunately due to silly things like work and food shopping and cooking dinner and chauffeuring kids and life in general- i did not get to see all that much of it.  happily there are quite a few bits one can still watch on youtube and i hope to get to most of them eventually. meanwhile, i seem to just keep re-watching this clip of liam scarlett rehearsing his newest work, “the age of anxiety” with dancers of the royal ballet. (laura morera, ♥steven mcrae♥, bennet gartside and tristan dyer). i can’t even tell you how much i love this clip – the choreography is so brilliant and i catch something new every time i watch it  (a challenging glance, the exchange of a martini glass) i adore the choreography and i adore liam. not only does he have a great energy and wonderful rapport with the dancers but …. even his hair is awesome. and…. he has a brittish accent. i am an absolute pathetic mush for brittish accents – seriously, if you come into the restaurant where i work and order creamy tomahto soup with a brittish accent i will pretty much fall in love with you right there. but anyway, i am seriously bummed that i don’t live in london so that i could actually go see this ballet performed live. i am quite dying to know what happens…. does anyone get the girl? do any fights break out? who indeed is the first to leave the party?

so here are two clips- watch the first one if you have time, but if you can only spare 2 or 3 minutes then at least watch the second one 😉 .  enjoy.


this fun little snippet of ABT rehearsing gaite parisienne – courtesy of luciana voltolini’s instagram feed! 


i am enchanted by this amazing photograph of martha graham dancer ying xin. it’s like she’s being gently blown about by the wind! also, it makes me think of illustrations from a children’s book, perhaps, or some bit of animation i’ve seen – but i can’t quite place it. 


so, one day cutie daniel ulbricht posted this on instragram…

and the next day these little twinkie minions appeared in my facebook feed…

photo (9)

and i just thought they needed to be seen together 🙂 . someone should maybe make these cupcakes for daniel, i think. only, i don’t suppose twinkies are actually food and probably dancers (or humans in general) shouldn’t eat them. but still….


here are just a few pictures i like…

these beautiful photos of carla korbes and peter boal by nyc dance project. by the way, if you are not familiar with , you should be. so, check them out!

photo 4 photo 5 (1)

diana vishneva rehearsing tatiana with a giant teddy bear! (sorry, don’t know the photographer).


and these great backstage shots by the always fantastic nikolay krusser.

photo 1 (3)

photo (10)


and finally, this little bit of brilliance:


i’m sure i liked a lot of other things over the last few weeks but i’ve been busy/sick/going thru drama and i can’t remember everything. plus it’s getting late so….. goodnite!


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