some things i liked this week 10/25/14

i love this adorable photo of ballerina swans enjoying the fog. so cute! unfortunately, while i saved the photo i forgot to save the photographer’s name. it was one of those pics that randomly showed up in my facebook feed because somebody else “liked” it and i can’t even remember what ballet company it was from! ( i thought it was nashville but i searched their page to no avail).  if anyone can help me out here please do -it’s such a fantastic image!

photo (11)

and here’s one more from the swans-in-fog files, this incredible moment of beauty by photographer maria-helena buckley. sigh.



the following is not a current documentary (2007), but i had never seen it or known of it’s existence. it was posted on the FB page of julio bocca’s company in uruguay (unofficial page, i think) recently and i very nearly ditched work so that i could stay home and watch it 😉 . anyway, the film wonderfully documents a touring season of julio’s company and many of the issues they had to confront in different countries – visa problems, a stage built for vocal concerts where  the audience would not be able to see the dancers below the knees, a controversial topless ballet…. (“yeah, but it’s okay because she’s flat chested”, haha). there’s some great dramatic footage of alessandra ferri and julio as well. ♥♥♥

it’s  a very interesting film- check it out if you have time. (plus i’m in love with julio, so there’s that….)

photo (12)


ooh, look at these beautiful degas inspired costumes and sets for the joffrey ballet’s swan lake, choreographed by christopher wheeldon. so romantic! i am dying to see this production – it sounds fascinating. (go see it for me if you are in the chicago area). 😉






and here is a lovely video of joffrey ballerina victoria jaian discussing the role of odette/odile.


and finally, this charming and clip of sir anthony dowell rehearsing manon with sonia rodriguez and guillaume côté. he seems terribly sweet and the dancers are simply gorgeous. enjoy.


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