can’t we just rewind and watch it all again? ABT october 25th p.m.

i wish i had a picture of my ballerina daughter’s face when i picked her up at the studio after 8 hours of classes and rehearsals and asked her if she wanted to go to the ballet (ABT) with me, because it was as if someone had turned on the sun. it was a surprise and we would have to leave directly from the studio, so i brought half of her wardrobe – as well as 2 of her sisters dresses and 3 pairs of shoes – hoping she would find something acceptable to wear. she took the huge bag of clothes into the dressing room and in no time emerged looking quite beautiful. and so we were off to NYC! happily there was very little traffic and we arrived at lincoln center with time to spare.

first up on the evenings triple bill was jiri kylian’s glorious “sinfonietta” – an expansive, joyful ballet danced with great spirit by everyone involved. there was a sense of harmony among the dancers as they danced in and out of the five movements. while all of the dancers were wonderful, the one major standout for me in this piece was calvin royal III. (not really relevant, but i think “calvin royal the third” is an awesome name. it would be cool to be named anybody the 3rd but “royal” just sounds important and the name calvin reminds me of the cartoon kid from calvin & hobbes and that kid rocks. it also reminds me of calvin klein tho, who is fine and all, but i like the calvin  & hobbes kid better. so anyway….)  CALVIN ROYAL THE THIRD has a gorgeous, commanding presence along with a fabulous jump that he lands with cat-like softness and precision. he’s like a panther, and panthers are seriously cool. i loved him and loved sinfonietta as it left me feeling full of joy.

(photo by MIRA)


antony tudor’s “jardin aux lilas” was the second ballet on the menu and with it’s gorgeous costumes, backdrop, and lighting it was a visual feast. while remaining elegant, all of the lead dancers in this cast (devon teusher, cory stearns, roman zhurbin, veronika part) convincingly conveyed the underlying tension of the situation. i mean, really – who wants to be a a party with your fiance’s ex-lover, a future spouse who you don’t actually love and a current love you can’t actually have? awkward. but hey, there’s society and all that so you just have to be dignified and polite and pretend all is well and not run off with hottie cory stearns even tho he’s a babe and gives you lilacs. but seriously, this ballet was beautifully interpreted by the entire cast and the final image of cory standing with his back to the audience nearly broke my heart.

(photo by rosalie o’connor)


the evening closed with one of the most enjoyable ballets of all time time – jerome robbins classic  “fancy free”. honestly, i don’t think there is a limit to how many times one can see “fancy free” and never tire of it. if you are unfamiliar (say, you live under a rock or something) “the ballet concerns three sailors on shore leave” and that’s really all you need to know. well, that and that they are at a bar and well…. there are only two women. 

one could not ask for a better cast than we were treated to last night with ♥herman cornejo♥ as the macho little tough guy, cory stearns as the mushy romantic, and marcelo gomes as something of a charming prankster. not only were their solos fantastic, but their chemistry as pals was hilarious and spot on. in effort to impress the ladies herman went above and beyond the call of adorable with his tough guy act and killer technical feats. whipping off crazy pirouettes, triple tours ( i think they were triples – they were so fast i couldn’t count but it seemed like more than two) and that daredevil split leap off the counter – he charmed and wowed us all. 🙂 ! ♥! swoon!  while changing costumes at intermission, it seems cory changed personalities as well and he came back dreamy and romantic, eager to please and flat out irresistible. actually, can we talk about cory for a second because…. he’s becoming pretty awesome these days! while i always thought he was a beautiful dancer and very sweet and handsome (those cheekbones, good lord) i felt he was lacking spark or something. however, i have absolutely loved him in everything i’ve seen him dance recently and feel he is really gaining confidence and becoming more daring artistically. so….high five, cory stearns! the last of the sailors to strut their stuff was the ever gorgeous marcelo gomes and his little booty shaking salsa dance was a riot. he was somehow smooth and dorky at the same time and surely no woman on earth could resist his goofy eyebrow waggle.

and let me not forget the women – stella abrera and julie kent were perfection as the lovely ladies who were hesitant, yet eventually charmed, by the lovable trio of sailors.

(photo by rosalie o’connor)


my daughter and i both enjoyed the entire evening immensely and wished we could rewind and watch it again.

american ballet theatre has another week left of their fall season, go if you can!


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