oh hey…………what’s up? a very few things i liked this week

sooooooooooo……….. i have been slacking a bit here , haven’t i? well, sometimes i’m quite busy and sometimes i’m just lazy 😉 but here are a very few things i had time to like this week or so…

there is this cool damian woetzel thing with  omg herman cornejo & robbie fairchild being fabulous and lil buck being as cool as ever- even in a boot. and seriously- how freaking gorgeous is carla korbes?? no fair. 




these fun/sexy kings of dance pics from russian cosmo magazine (i think). i sort of borrowed them from the ardani artist facebook page. i would credit the photographer if i knew who it was…. i assume it’s printed there somewhere but just not exactly in english.







i don’t really watch competition videos much but i did watch a few from the prix de lausanne & thought this kid was pretty damn good. very nice and clean and classical, plus….. he looks like a nice guy 🙂  (i could be wrong… maybe he’s a jerk but i hope not). well done harrison, and congratulations.


in other news………….. i had my first ever photography show in a local coffee shop last month (and even sold a couple!) aaaaaaaaaaaand, i have opened up a little shop on etsy if you care to have a look! there are some dance photos and also other things like the hudson river and train tracks and you know, the local abandoned psych ward and stuff.

my new etsy shop!

until next time…… whenever that may be 🙂

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