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~ yuhui choe ~ (royal ballet, london) my first memory of yuhui is from a DVD of royal ballet’s romeo and juliet. yuhui was one of six ladies  in the dance of the girls with the lilies, but she was … Continue reading

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modern ballet studio melodies cd review (a.k.a. look! my feet!)

while many dance studios enjoy live piano accompaniment there are also many that don’t have that luxury and use cd’s designed especially for ballet class. with cd players capable of speed adjustment, and some of the wonderful cd’s available these days, this is … Continue reading

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day trippin’ ~ and why i encourage our students to go to kaatsbaan

i do not come from a ballet or theater going family and where i get my obsession with ballet remains a mystery. i suppose i didn’t even know going to the ballet was a thing (tho i don’t guess there was much … Continue reading

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