hooray it’s march and why i didn’t even hate february this year

i don’t hate winter or anything, and i genuinely love snow, but usually by the time february rolls around i am pretty much over it all. i enjoy december as the cold weather is still new and christmas is coming, it’s nutcracker season and everything is all merry and sparkly. (plus there is a nice break from making my daughter get up for school and do homework and all that). january is not so bad, as i’m not yet tired of cozy sweaters and fuzzy things and curling up in blankets sipping tea. but usually by the time february hits i am done with all this, i am sick of being cold, i am sick of the dark cloudy gloom and sick of wearing coats and socks. february is the shortest month for a reason- because it’s the stupidest, most annoying month and if it went on any longer people might just become violent.

but for some weird reason february flew by quickly this year and surprisingly i did not quite despise it. the reason, i suspect, is because this winter on the whole, was particularly gorgeous. yes, it was incredibly cold and wickedly harsh with appalling amounts of snow- but these harrowing blizzards and the subsequent foggy days brought with them astonishing, breathtaking beauty. 













mother nature is showing off a bit this winter, isn’t she?

and here’s a little story……. a couple of weeks ago i came home from work and as the afternoon progressed i noticed it had become increasingly foggy. well, i freaking love fog so i decided to have a little wander around tallman mountain state park and take some pics. my original plan, since i don’t have any decent knee high snow boots, was to stick to the cleared paths but seriously, who was i kidding? alas, i could not resist the lure of photographing the swimming pool, filled with snow and surrounded by fog.

246 250

sooo… now that my boots were filled with snow anyway i thought i might as well make the best of it and hike up to the overlook, figuring the hudson river would look amazing blanketed in fog. it’s not a difficult hike in normal conditions but hiking in snow up to ones shins is a bit challenging, not to mention exhausting. (i only fell on my ass once tho, thank you very much). being alone in the woods in dense fog is a little creepy i must admit (i mean, the headless horseman was probably just around the corner) but it was also seriously cool.

196 238

but the coolest experience was yet to come. eventually i made it up to the overlook but the fog was so intense that the hudson was nowhere to be seen. you would never have known there was a river below. suddenly the sky became incredibly dark and the wind terrifying (i’m thinking “shit, i’m out here alone a good twenty or thirty minute walk from my car and it’s going to be a torrential downpour or a tornado or something. great.” i’ll be honest- i was a tiny bit scared). well, the wind blew dramatically for a minute or two and …..that was it. i looked around and the fog was gone. gone. i couldn’t believe it. and there was the hudson river. the following pictures were taken in the same spot about two minutes apart, before and after the wind blew the fog off the river. this was one of the most amazing things i’ve ever seen : )

282 328

and so ends february 2014. winter may go now. i’m ready for spring : )

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2 Responses to hooray it’s march and why i didn’t even hate february this year

  1. Aimee Lee says:

    Breathtaking photos! But, I am ready for spring, too!

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