’tis the season….

and so nutcracker rehearsals begin : )



(my daughter directly below and her feet above in black & white)  ; )








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6 Responses to ’tis the season….

  1. Sarah Piner says:

    What sweet pictures! Our fam was also camped out today at the studio. I’m always so excited in the beginning. Hoping to still have aome ‘get up & go’ by the end of it! 😉 All the best to you & yours!

  2. robin says:

    Haha, yes we pretty much live at the studio for the next couple months but we love it : )

  3. I love the Nutcracker! Its my favourite ballet, I dragged my family last christmas to see it at the Royal Opera House in London. The most magical performance Ive ever seen. For some reason in Australia they never play it at christmas…?

    • robin says:

      oh, you can’t escape it here! every school and company does it- my daughter lives for it : )
      i saw the royal ballet cinema broadcast of nutcracker last year loved it also!

  4. bethwarstadt says:

    Boy, Robin, you really have an eye for photography. I’m enjoying all of your Nutcracker posts.

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