help, i can’t change the channel

i’ve been reading the latest bridget jones novel recently & there’s a bit where she goes on about never watching t.v. because there are 5 remotes and she doesn’t know how to work them & i’m like OMG THAT’S TOTALLY ME!!! so anyway, i just now tried to switch the t.v. to channel 4 to see if there was anything good (aka figure skating) on the olympics and i don’t know wtf happened but the screen just went blank and i had to call my son to help me. this is really sad. and it’s not like my kids (all four of them) haven’t explained what each remote is for either, and yet i still can’t even complete the lowly task of changing the channel by myself.

additionally, i missed the olympics opening ceremony, which i really wanted to see because there was ballet in it! this was not entirely due to my technological ineptitude but…… well, sort of. our cable/ internet had randomly gone out the night before (not for lack of payment this time…. maybe the weather?!) and while it had been restored while i was at work, for some inane reason the t.v. in the living room was stuck on that screen which just says “VERIZON”. yay. it’s possible (tho not probable) that i could have maybe figured it out if i messed with it long enough, but i had had a seriously exhausting day and just didn’t have the energy to bother. so here’s hoping the ballet parts show up on youtube (if they haven’t already)!

as for now, there is just speed skating on, which is okay but maybe i will just catch up on housework while i consider studying for a degree in advanced home television programming.

in completely unrelated news, here are some pictures of icicles.





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5 Responses to help, i can’t change the channel

  1. RO says:

    I think it is already on youtube! I saw some clips posted by Diana Vishneva on her Facebook page already.
    Pictures are gorgeous! Must be freakin’ cold over there though..!!
    I watched figure skating yesterday, guess who won the country competition?? 😉

    • robin says:

      oh, i just saw it, plus a short clip of ivan. diana’s was really pretty but it seemed a shame she didnt get to do much more than spin around endlessly!

      • RO says:

        My thoughts exactly!! Svetlana had this whole en pointe duet thing going on and Diana was indeed stuck with this thing around her neck on bare feet…

  2. bethwarstadt says:

    Hey Robin! Now I have ice too! 🙂

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