parent observation week

okay, i have to admit that when i used to teach a lot of toddler dance classes i kind of pretty much didn’t especially look forward to parent observation week. this was partially due to the fact that you never knew what would go down with toddlers – sometimes they would perform brilliantly for their parents, but often they would leave me hangin’ and go cling to their moms and dads leaving me there to feel like a dork. and partially because it’s hard not to feel like a dork anyway when you end up dancing like a monkey to the magic scarf song or whatever.  and then there was the time this little three year old wanted so badly to dance for her dad but every time she looked at him for approval he was texting on his phone and that just about bloody broke my heart : (

but now that i teach mostly older kids i find i really enjoy parent observation week. the kids work extra hard for their  audience, making me super proud, and the parents are ever so nice afterwards.

aaaand…… i get to be on the parent end of it as well!

so here are some pics from parent observation week- mostly of my own dang kid because hey, i’m a mom. i can’t help it : )












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