……and now let’s reverse it!

or not. i must confess that when teaching class it’s extremely rare for me ask our students to reverse combinations. this is partially because i find it time consuming and i’m lucky if i can finish my class in the allotted 90 minutes as it is, and partially because i hate don’t particularly very much really enjoy reversing combinations myself. i mean, simple combinations- fine, whatever- but when you have to remember to brisse to the back and pas de bourre over and sissone in the opposite direction than the way your body naturally wants to sissone….. it’s kind of a drag and possibly even counter-productive.

on the other hand it’s probably good for your brain and potentially helpful in training one to pick up choreography.

on the other other hand it seems to make dancers think so hard that they tense up a bit, start gripping their muscles and work incorrectly. (or is that just me?)  ; )

and yet….. successfully executing a complicated reversed combination (like a petite allegro involving a temps de cuisse where the coupe’ foot goes back and you have to sissone towards the front foot, for example – eek)  without gripping or looking like your brain hurts kind of makes you feel all proud of yourself and you almost want to fist pump the air or high five somebody. (or is that just me?)

okay, so i guess i’m a bit on the fence on this one. (and yet, to be honest, i still lean in the general direction of …. not reversing.)

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8 Responses to ……and now let’s reverse it!

  1. Dancescribe says:

    That’s usually when I bring out my petite allegro comedy routine. But there have been times when I’ve actually picked it up better than the company kids I dance with.

  2. robin says:

    Hahaha, it can be comical for me too.
    But well done on showing up the kiddies! ; )

  3. Bead 109 says:

    Just the words, “now in reverse” sends me into immediate panic. It doesn’t matter what the combination is, the teacher could say now let’s walk in reverse, and I’ll be having heart palpitations. :0

  4. 4dancers says:

    My very first dance teacher did this with small jump combinations in nearly every class. I hated it then, but saw the advantage later when I was able to move more easily in unexpected ways and pick up choreography lightning fast. I’m for it! 🙂

  5. RO says:

    Oehhh we never reversed exercises before!! That must be so difficult.. I can truly imagine tensing up and getting really confused, haha! I’m NOT going to tell/show this to my dance instructor… she might get some ideas……

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